Below is a list of resources on European and ‘Western” culture that have been collected to serve as a base of knowledge for those wanting to reclaim their European heritage and dismantle whiteness and white supremacy.

If you have any resources that you feel should be added, please contact us and let us know.

Recommended Resource Materials

Reading Lists and Book RecommendationsA list of reading lists, books and articles on European culture


Ethnicity and Race ResourcesCompiled resources on ethnicity and race
Disability ResourcesCompiled resources on disabled people and disabilities
Gender and Sexuality ResourcesCompiled resources on gender, gender expression and sexuality

Personal Appearance and Body Care

Hygiene and Sanitation ResourcesCompiled resources on hygiene and sanitation
Hair Care and Styling ResourcesCompiled resources on caring for and styling the hair
Makeup and Skincare ResourcesCompiled resources on caring for the skin and applying makeup
Clothing and Accessory ResourcesCompiled resources on clothing and accessories worn on the body


Language ResourcesCompiled resources on European languages

Food Production

Food Ways and Recipe ResourcesCompiled resources on food ways, traditions and recipes
Agriculture and Husbandry ResourcesCompiled resources on gardening, agriculture and animal husbandry
Hunting and Gathering ResourcesCompiled resources on hunting animals and gathering wild plants

Skills and Labor

Cleaning and Housekeeping ResourcesCompiled resources on cleaning and housekeeping
Laundry and Clothing Care ResourcesCompiled resources on laundry and the care of clothing
Mining ResourcesCompiled resources on various kinds of mining
Sex and Sex Work ResourcesCompiled resources on sex and sex work
Slavery and Servanthood ResourcesCompiled resources on servanthood and slavery

Arts and Crafts

Calligraphy and Typography ResourcesCompiled resources on calligraphy and typography pieces
Digital Art ResourcesCompiled resources on art pieces produced digitally
Drawing and Illustration ResourcesCompiled resources on drawings and illustrations on traditional mediums
Mural and Painting ResourcesCompiled resources on murals and paintings
Mosaic ResourcesCompiled resources on mosaics
Photography ResourcesCompiled resources on photographs
Performance Art ResourcesCompiled resources on performance art
Drag ResourcesCompiled resources on drag and the performance of gender
Music ResourcesCompiled resources on music
Dance ResourcesCompiled resources on dance
Architecture and Construction ResourcesCompiled resources on architecture and construction techniques
Blacksmithing and Metal Work ResourcesCompiled resources on blacksmithing and other metal work techniques
Jewelry Making ResourcesCompiled resources on jewelry making techniques
Carpentry and Woodworking ResourcesCompiled resources on carpentry and other woodworking techniques
Masonry and Stonework ResourcesCompiled resources on masonry and other stonework techniques
Ceramics and Pottery ResourcesCompiled resources on ceramics and other pottery techniques
Cord and Rope Making ResourcesCompiled resources on cord and rope making techniques
Plant-Based Craft ResourcesCompiled resources on crafts made from plant-matter
Papercraft ResourcesCompiled resources on crafts made from paper
Eggshell Craft ResourcesCompiled resources on crafts made from eggshells
Leatherworking and Tanning ResourcesCompiled resources on the production of leather and leatherworking techniques
Thread and Yarn Spinning ResourcesCompiled resources on the spinning of thread and yarn
Weaving ResourcesCompiled resources on cloth weaving techniques
Fabric Dyeing ResourcesCompiled resources on dying techniques for fibers and fabric
Knitting and Crochet ResourcesCompiled resources on knitting and crochet techniques
Lacemaking ResourcesCompiled resources on lacemaking techniques
Sewing and Tailoring ResourcesCompiled resources on sewing and garment-making techniques
Embroidery and Decorative Needlework ResourcesCompiled resources on embroidery and other forms of decorative needlework


Book and Manuscript ResourcesCompiled resources on books and other written pieces
Film and Television ResourcesCompiled resources on film and television productions
Theatre and Opera ResourcesCompiled resources on theatre and opera productions
Video Game ResourcesCompiled resources on video games

Customs and Institutions of Society

Holiday and Celebration ResourcesCompiled resources on holidays and celebrations
Economics and Trade ResourcesCompiled resources on trade and economics
Protest and Uprising ResourcesCompiled resources on protests and uprisings in Europe
School and Education ResourcesCompiled resources on education and educational institutions
Marriage and Romance ResourcesCompiled resources on romance, courting and marriage


Cottagecore ResourcesCompiled resources on the cottagecore aesthetic movement


General History ResourcesCompiled resources on various periods throughout European history
Historical Figure ResourcesCompiled resources on historical figures throughout European history
Historic Reenactment and Living History ResourcesCompiled resources on historic reenactment, living history presentations and live action role playing (LARP)

Religion and Folklore

Religion and Folk Lore ResourcesCompiled resources on religions and folk lore from Europe
Magic and Witchcraft ResourcesCompiled resources on magic and the practice of witchraft

Medicine and Wellness

Medicine and Healing ResourcesCompiled resources on medicine and healing techniques
Wellness ResourcesCompiled resources on wellness and self care
Teeth and Dentistry ResourcesCompiled resources on teeth and dentistry techniques

Sports and Competitions

Sport and Competition ResourcesCompiled resources on sports and other competitions

War and Violence

White Supremacy and European Colonialism ResourcesCompiled resources on whiteness, white supremacy and European colonialism and imperialism
War and Genocide ResourcesCompiled resources on war and genocide
Weaponry ResourcesCompiled resources on weaponry wielded by humans


Death ResourcesCompiled resources on death, burial and mourning

The World

Geography and Geology ResourcesCompiled resources on the geography and geology of Europe
Ecology and Environmentalism ResourcesCompiled resources on ecology and environmentalism in Europe
Cultural and Historic Site ResourcesCompiled resources on cultural and historic sites in Europe